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גלרייה אירועים פרטיים אירועים עסקיים סיור וירטואלי צור קשר

The Villa – a central event venue

Organizing even a basic event, whether at a venue in the center or not, requires the planning and handling of many details, small and large, simple and complex. A celebration or a conference of any kind requires the organizer to consider its added value. It is the job of the event planners to ensure that guests leave it feeling in the clouds.
How do you do that in these times of creativity and originality without today’s celebration feeling like a replay of yesterday’s party? Usually, the celebrators or event manager pick a bonus to make it special. Some select special dishes or exquisite catering. Others focus on the venue’s design as a key to the evening’s success or pick an interesting concept to impress guests with. Good music can also excite guests, of course.

The Villa – a classic central event venue for prestigious productions with a magical atmosphere
The Villa is renowned for its many hosting possibilities. The place can host a sitting event of 150 guests or a cocktail party for 1200 standing guests. These options are not available in other central venues. The events can be anything from private celebrations such as Briths and weddings to business events such as conferences and company parties.
The fantastic location of the Villa is especially suitable for those looking for a venue in the center of Israel. Its location at the famous Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center in Tel Aviv provides easy access from every direction.

Central Event Venues – the groom’s father is happy
But location and approach are trivial compared with what really matters. Whether you are looking for a central outdoors venue or a central indoors venue, you must come and see the amazing design with your own eyes. Guests are welcomed by an orchard of citrus trees and an integrated wood and concrete floor is part of the dance area.
The European architecture of the place – unseen in any other central venue – is combined with a pleasant and welcoming service. A staff of waiters in pressed uniforms serves southern French and Italian dishes and assortments of delicacies. We also offer some of the best production and creative people in the business to ensure that suppliers and service provides turn your dreams into a reality.
Looking for an exclusive and impressive central event venue? Don’t hesitate to contact us and see the place for yourself.